Hi, my name is



Here’s just a little background on how and why I started OA Commerce.


OA Commerce is the corporate umbrella which hosts a number of business ventures focused on internet services, including e-commerce, content marketing, and media development.  The primary purpose of OA Commerce has been to organize a business structure for our business ventures, some of which have been featured here.

My career began in the medical field.  First, while attending University, between semesters, I worked as a  Health Unit Coordinator or Unit Secretary.  Mainly during my Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring Breaks.  After I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, I worked for 6 years as a Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Counselor.  These years were some of the most influential, tragic, and yet fulfilling experiences of my entire career.

However, I left the medical field to obtain my Master’s of Information Technology Degree.  Since beginning in 2000, I evolved into a seasoned I.T. Professional with over 17 years of experience in the Information Technology field, most of which has been in the area of Software Quality Assurance Testing. You can also find my profile on LinkedIn or my personal career site 

My first online business venture, was a travel blog which I began in 2013 on the WordPress Platform, and I created it for sharing my passion for world travel. The travel blog is called One Away and I still update the site when I can.  I documented my experiences after moving to Southeast Asia to teach English.

After teaching English in Thailand and living there and Bali, Indonesia for 6 months, I returned to the states with a renewed energy and determination to build my own business online.  Clean Water Mill was my first real online retail business I created in 2014. It is an e-commerce store hosted on the Shopify platform.  It began with a focus on advanced water filtration devices, but later grew into a much larger niche.  In 2017,  because of the expansiveness of products, I created another e-commerce store called Inspired Fire & Water Features focused on outdoor living decor and Garden DIY Projects.

I am in the process of developing another website with content centered on becoming a resource for content creators across many media platforms.  It is called Creators Quiver and with its broad content of tips, reviews, and comparisons it will provide guidance for potential content creators just getting started on their entrepreneurial journey.

With help from my partner and significant other, Betina, there is much more we plan to create.  Soon we will begin hiring a team of content creators and creatives to help grow this business and all of the business structures, underneath it.

Thanks so much for your interest in me and the work I’ve accomplished.

If you are interested in working with me, or you are interested in hiring me for freelancing opportunities please use the Contact Page for more information.